charging station

charging station

Sowing the Seeds for A Greener, Smarter Future.

charging station

Sowing the Seeds for A Greener, Smarter Future.

Host an Agrotech EV Charging Station

Unbeatable range of chargers with tailor-made Software support. Join us on the mission of transforming mobility through innovation. Earn extra income and become a part of this smartest EV charging network in India.

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Our Product Range

Versatile charging ranges for home, office spaces, complex & public spaces

Our charging stations comes with robust Software Support!

Key Features of THE BIJILIFY App:
– OTP-based authentication with SSO

– Detecting user live location with fast refresh

– Station map view with navigation feature and list view

– QR code scan for easy charger selection

– Reservation and Time slot booking

– Cost and Time Estimation

– Start and abort the charging sequence

– Single click e-mail invoice

EV Charging Solution

Home & Residential Complexes
A charging station for your EV can be installed in the garage for private use or in private parking spaces in residential complexes
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Offices & Workplaces
You can now equip your office parking spaces by installing our charging stations helping your employees to charge their EV while they get their works done!
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Private Parking lots
Become an EV friendly parking space by installing our EV charging station in private parking lots

Benefits of joining the EV Charging Network

Low Investment, high ROI
Any EV can charge at your station
Free Installation
24/7 Software support
Remote Monitoring

Interested to become a part of EV Charging station ?

Become a dealer! Earn Extra Income!

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